With all the information i’ve got after reading the Books of Jenny Dean, India Flint and Rebecca Desnos and Taking a Workshop with Lucila Kenny ( totally recommended )
I was ready to give it a try by my own and the first thing I found out was that I must take care about my Mordant. For many dyers the most important step to work with Natural dyes (and now I see why).

The 3 mordantes that I chose to try were:



Soy Milk

While most dyers use Aluminium as a Mordant (or fixer) because is easier to find and use, Lucila Kenny encouraged me to find out more about Lycopodium - a rare plant used as a Mordant from which Alum can be extracted from- while Rebecca Desnos recommend in her Book the use of Soy Milk as a more Natural way to reach real Natural colors without adding any kind of chemicals to the process.

This is my experience in the process:

Soya Milk Mordant (Above)

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