I would really love to write more . . .
because I have so much to write about and because every day thousands of ideas jump into my head, but I just don't know how to  write them down, maybe is because I do too many things all the time and when I have an idea to share another idea comes in and take me away from the previous one.

I read many Blogs and it seems so easy for them to explain ideas and thoughts . . . 
well , for me is not so easy. . .  so I've decided to  follow an advice  I've got few days ago and I will start to write small post ideas, with the things I do,  more frequently and most important . . . 
I will take the time to sit ( breathe ) and write.

I also started a Sketch Book, to shape my ideas and improve my drawing 
( because I am really bad at it )
and because I want to study how to make Sewing Patterns to stop modifying the ones I buy and Start making my own.
for this I started taking online classes of : 

•  Drawing at SketchbookSkool  and
•  PatternMaking  (I am still trying to decide which Courses to start with , my options are 
          University of Fashion / Craftsy  / The Creative Curator) 

I really hope my drawing skills improve because I draw like a 5 years old and I want to star keeping records of what I want to do (and not be embarrassed about it xD)

After taking the Test Class with SketchSkool I understood I have a lot to work on, but is not that difficult as I imagined. 

The 3 most important things I treasure from this first video are : 


For me sounds as a  daily Mantra and not only to learn how to draw. 

I knew how bad I was so I didn't want to start with a white sheet of paper , that's why I bought this SketchBook with dots  and from the first moment I felt more confident. 

This is my first attempt :

Well , I did noticed the difference between having the dots and not having the dots, 
for me wa a really great way to start. 

Here you can download a Free Dotted paper sheet to try out 
before you buy a Dot grid Sketch Book.

Now the only I can do is Practice, Practice and Practice
Because when I started Upcycling Bremer Project,  and I've got all this wonderful donated Textiles,  so did the Designs to my head  thinking what to do with the donations and when I started to make the first jacket out of the Old pants and shirt my imagination was going from one idea to the other not only trying to use the most of the fabric  but also trying to make beautiful details on it to proudly wear it.
Well , I am very happy with the result :

This feels like a beginning . . .