Well, it took me 2 long years to find out what I really wanted to do .
As long as I can remember I was sewing clothes for my dolls and can't recall a period of my life where I was  not Making something.

To get to live in Bremen was  really hard and not because people were not nice to me, on the contrary, people has been AMAZINGLY nice to me, even without speaking the language well enough there is always someone able to help me out.
But Leaving my CupcakeShop in Chile was not an easy thing to do because I was really proud to have created something out of nothing and with a nearly zero budget but also,  this proved to me that I was able to achieve whatever I wanted to accomplish ... so, I packed my luggage and together with my Son , we start a new life in Germany.
After 2 years of learning, practicing, taking Workshops and more I was sure I wanted to get back to my ability to sew, but  I found myself in a dilemma ... I was determined to make clothes but did not want to contribute with more damage to the environment (Knowing that the manufacture of new textiles causes the textile industry to be the second most polluting on the planet ... only after Oil Industry.)
So, What to do ? 

The answer came by itself ,  the more I walked around Bremen to get to know the city , the more I found "Flohmarkts" (Flea Markets) ... the city was plagued by this Markets and the amount of people selling their clothes  is HUGE !
Here you can find special Fairs ONLY for women to sell the items they don't wear anymore, -As this One-  many of them totally new (with tags and all) and this is because of the same reason I did not wanted to be part of ... Fast Fashion. :( (Article About how many clothes end up in the trash in Germany )

 Well ...  I bought many things but I still didn't want to wear the same like everyone else . . .  so ,  I started to disassemble them and ReMake them  completely turning them in New Items ... and suddenly I saw myself building up something I really wanted to do.

I began to ask for donations of old clothes to my closest ones to ReMake them and to practice what I once studied and I had already forgotten ... without knowing it, I was beginning the bases of what today is:

 • Upcycling Bremer Project •

I am still practicing . . .  but . . . Who knows what life will bring , right ?

For the moment , I can show you this Beautiful man shirt turned into a lovely Blouse with a Tessuti pattern , that is Simply Perfect !